2020 Virtual STEM Education Conference Resources Page

Below you will find the following:

• Zoom links for keynote and all breakout sessions. Click here for keynote and session descriptions.
• Resource links for each breakout session. Please check link before each session you plan to attend for any materials, printouts, or online resources that the presenter would like you to have available during the session. Presenters may also add additional resources and copies of their slideshows, so check back after the conference as well.
• Video recordings of the keynote and each presentation will be added following the conference.
• The MINNDEPENDENT STEM Learning Community is an online network created by MINNDEPENDENT to provide STEM educators with the opportunity to collaborate and learn from each other to advance STEM teaching and learning at private and independent schools throughout Minnesota. CLICK HERE to join the MINNDEPENDENT STEM LEARNING COMMUNUNITY.

If you have any questions contact us at
[email protected]