Thirty teachers from fifteen schools have been awarded STEM Mini-Grants to develop new curriculum for projects that will engage students in hands-on projects during the 2011-12 school year.


Click on the schools below to see a description of their Mini-Grant project.


Al-Amal School: Creating a Schoolyard Wildlife and Pond Habitat with Weather Station.

Central MN Christian School: Foss Hands-On Science and Night of Science Community Event.

Community Christian Middle School: Keeping Our Pond Water Quality Investigation.

Cotter Jr. High School: Modeling Renewable Energy Sources.

Gethsemane Lutheran School: Bridging the St. Croix: The Stillwater Bridge Project.

Hillcrest Lutheran Academy: Modeling Physics.

Maranatha Christian Academy: Rocketry: Blast-Off to Success.

Mayer Lutheran High School: Simple Machines!? Not Really!

Minnehaha Academy: STEM Human Anatomy and Physiology.

St. Croix Lutheran High School: Indoor Aquatic Ecosystem.

St Francis-St. James United School: From Greenhouses to Growing Green Plants.

St. Mark’s School: Growing STEMS of Creativity.

St. Pascal Baylon School: T.E.A.M. (Together Exploring About Math).

St. Paul Preparatory School: Robot Design: From Concept to Construction.

Southwest Minnesota Christian High School: What’s So “Fishy” About the Redwood River? And, Why Is It So Important?


Academy of Holy Angels: Make the Connection.

Benilde-St. Margaret’s: Mobile Applied Learning Project.







We will create a schoolyard habitat and learning area for our students to learn about wildlife, water and soil quality, plants, aquatic life, and weather. The entire process of planning, building and maintaining a schoolyard habitat provides a wide range of benefits